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Fit for Golf!

The golf 'off season' in Canada is a great time to work on the swing mechanics, improving contact and fundamentals. A reverse way of looking at it is, what can we do not to decrease in performance. Think strength and conditioning.

You spent the season hopefully playing a few times. All of a sudden, the warmth of staying at home calls out loudly to most of us. Let us debunk the misconception, "Golf is not an athletic endeavor unless you are a professional golfer".

Playing 18 holes, even if you are using a power cart, requires some effort. Swinging a golf club requires some effort. Staying mentally focused requires a lot of effort. Your level of effort is commensurate many times to the player level you are. Let's face the fact that the better condition we are in, the better we are likely to perform.

Please do not think I am talking about comparing yourself to an elite athlete. Always compare yourself to where you want to be.

Any improvement in your current level of health can help things like our blood pressure and muscle tissue recruitment, which can impact our golf game. If you want to train for a marathon, go for it!

Thing to do for winter:

- Speak with your Golf professional, with advice from your doctor, if you have any health issues. and how it can affect you

- Read some information from one of my other sites to increase your knowledge base

- Decide on what other level of effort you want to put in. Yoga once a week, walk on a treadmill twice a week etc. It always starts with a decision followed by action

For some of my more competitive golfers who are not on a winter cycle of conditioning, challenge yourself with this HIIT quick burn:

21 - 15 - 9 (reps for time) with burpees, kettlebell swings and box jump (24 inches).

Put some effort in for the next 3 months so that for 2018, you will play well!


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