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Rules- Know the Basics!

The game of golf has 34 rules and three levels of certification. To a beginner, or even an experienced golfer, it can be very confusing. I recommend that every player should have a copy of the rules in their golf bag, or have the app readily available on their phone. Often you will see in a tour event the player calling over the rules official about drops and other issues to be certain not only are they within the rules, but to confirm that the decision they are going to make, will not be questioned at the end. Yes, the rules should not just be looked at as penal, they can help you! For example: Tee Ground You can play your tee shot from between the tee markers up to two-club lengths behind the front line of the tee markers, and only the ball must be in this area. Incorrectly played a wrongly teed ball, add 2 strokes to your score and play the hole over. Muddy Ball The only time you are allowed to lift and clean your golf ball is on the putting green after you have marked it’s position. A local rule may allow lift, clean, and place in the fairway in bad course conditions. Water/Hazard Stakes Yellow: Defines a water hazard.

a)You can go back to the spot where you played your original shot from and drop one from there

b) You can drop a ball behind the water hazard keeping the spot where your original ball crossed into the water hazard between the pin and where you drop

- Add 1 penalty stroke to your score and play on

Red: Lateral hazard. Same two choices as above, plus,

c) Drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the original ball crossed into the water but no closer to the hole. Add 1 penalty stroke to your score and play on.

Remember, you always have the option to play the ball as it lies.

These are just 3 highlighted, but I know they will help you to play well!

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