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Information Overload [Clear the table for 2018]

I was approached again while coaching today with a 'do you mind if I ask you a question?'.

I acquiesced, but I found that the question was not really a simple one, both from the length of the question and the fact that the answer was not what most people try to get me to answer. In fact, the actual solution would have been no more than a 15 minute actual lesson to critic and explain the basic principles of physics. This would have allowed for an understanding of not only draws and fades, but trajectory control and basic contact. You know the saying, 'knowing is half the battle' (some of you filled in G.I. Joe!).

I pose you all a question; Why do people seem so willing to use YouTube as a coach to self-teach themselves, yet will spend loads of money learning other things? I get the 'free is cheaper' thought process, but as with this person today, there is so much information out there that is 99.9999% rubbish. Why is it rubbish? Because it doesn't makes sense bio-mechanically, kinetically/kinematic-ally, nor sequentially. Not to forget that it doesn't produce a persistent and consistent golf swing. There is also an information overload. This conflicting and confusing information lends itself ultimately to one objective - Frustration.

Now, here is a proposition for all who care to listen, or who want to finally improve. For your new years resolution, let us pretend that our golf game is our new years eve dinner with friends and family. On January 1st, after the party, kick your dinner guests out of your house (those conflicting thoughts in your head), clear the table, remove the dishes and wipe that table clean. Stand back, admire that spotless table on which you can now put that simple meal, after stuffing yourself the night before (correlation; simple repetitive golf swing with proper fundamentals on top of your bio-mechanical movement).

Your resolution may be, "I am going on a diet for the new year", "Why did I have to have that last piece of pie?". The correlation being that last gizmo you bought, that last book you read, or that perfect advice from the Golf Channel, all of which guarantee improvement. They should all come with a money back guarantee that does not only refund your money if you did not shave those strokes or get the extra yardage, but also includes an extra payment to you of more than the cost to compensate you for wasting your time.

Since that isn't going to happen, just start fresh with a proper understanding of what you need to do to get where you want, and rid yourself of the old baggage once and for all. The good news is, you do not have to wait until January 1st of 2018, you can start tomorrow! Do not put your clubs down for winter and then the week before the 2018 season starts you decide to fulfill all the good intentions of your new years resolution. Get a proper blueprint with enough time to build that consistent repetitive swing all golfers crave. A golf swing, like a cake, needs time to rise (okay, enough food references).

In every sport that I was fortunate to compete in, I hated doing the same thing wrong, over and over again. It was abhorrent to my nature. All of you who know me, know how much I hate the winter for the cold and dark, but you have also heard me extol the virtues of winter for building a golf swing with none of the usual pressures of playing.

If you do decide not to continue on the same path as the years prior, take heart that it is never too late to take corrective action. Set the table (last one I promise) for new years of 2018 that is fast approaching, because the courses will be opening in just over four months. Play well!

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