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#AskCoachFranz - 2 - [Off season]

Question: Is there anything I can do to improve my power with the driver during the off season?

Answer: Absolutely!

Everyone is realizing that golf is indeed an athletic sport, and anything you can do to improve your general conditioning will be advantageous in your golf game. Due to the fact that you do not have rounds of golf to factor into your weekly routine, that time can be allocated to all the swing mechanic improvements and short game work to stay sharp. The additional time can be very well invested. Here are a couple of things to explore for conditioning.

(1). Battle ropes, kettle bells, wall and slam ball, TRX suspension training, TRX RIP trainer, and yoga.

The Performance Lab of G&P

The above can be mixed or specific depending on preferences or goals to build functional muscles. I use a combination with my students. This is not about running marathons or participating in MMA. The human body works best when in balance, and too often golfers are one side dominant. As a right handed golfer (and vice versa), when you strengthen your left side that is obviously going to improve your power into the golf ball. When you condition the right side it lends itself to stability and improvements in rotation, which also benefits you in increasing your club head speed and thus power into the golf ball.

Before you start in a winter physical conditioning program, please consult your doctor with a full check up, and do a proper TPI screening to be able to target where and what you are going to work on.

I know this winter you will do the work to ply well in 2018, and crush your driver!

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