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#AskCoachFranz - 5 - [pulling]

Question: I am having a terrible time hitting pulls to the left (I am right handed) and am tired of aiming right to try to correct it. I am just breaking 100, and I think if I get this right I will be looking at 90, finally! I have researched the issue and there seems to be conflicting ideas. Please help!

[Definition of a pull: When the golf ball starts off going left of the target line and continues to go left of the target. There is no hook to it; it travels in a straight line (more or less) and ends up left of where the player thought it was going to land.]

Answer: I will try to help you of course! However, it would help if you send me a video of your swing, down the line and face on, so I can evaluate what you are doing.

Generally though, a pull can be caused by a single issue or a combination of several different things, some of the most common being;

- Wrong aiming

- A ball that is positioned too far forward

- An improper back-swing

- An improper downswing can also end with a pull shot - When there is no weight transfer to the right foot (then back to the left during the downswing)

- Un-cocking the wrists way too early in the downswing

It is worth the time and trouble to correct the issue you are having, but either send in the videos or book a Skype session with me, or the other 2 instructors. Cheers!

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