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Approach Shots- What's your Distance?

Approach shot certainty, lower your scores

When it comes to approach shots, better golfers have a favorite club and a favorite distance. For me it’s my 8-iron. I can hit it with one eye, one arm standing on one leg 140 yards, without thinking about it. For my wedge distance, the 56, half swing, 2 to 1 tempo 65 yards.

My goal depending on the length of the hole is to either get to 140 yards or 65 yards away from the hole for my approach shots. If I end up with a different yardage on my approach shots, I would be using clubs I am less confident with, so my results may not be as predictable. From a mental aspect we already know confidence is very important in our success in scoring lower.

This all means that your decision on the tee box may lead you to use a club lesser than driver, which generally increases your accuracy anyway, and puts less pressure on you to start a hole.

We can obtain lower scores generally when we improve, for tour pros maybe 120 yards in, and for the recreational golfer maybe 80 yards in. You do not have to fall into either of these categories you just need to have a category! If you are not playing to your distance constantly, how can you in your approach game become consistent in hitting that green?

Get dialed in with your Coach, create a plan to become better this season, now!


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