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Plan for Success this Season

While I do not write articles to come off as an infomercial for our training programs, the questions that I keep getting the most as we draw near to spring has prompted this. I know that people will always be 'obsessed' with distance. As a Coach my only purpose is to help students lower their golf scores, whatever that takes.

Most people know of Dave Pelz, the short game guru, who was a NASA scientist ($10,000 for a day at the Pelz ranch is the report). Most people however don't know that when Pelz was just starting his career, he spent most of his time following PGA Tour players around the course during tournaments, tracking a statistic called "PEI" for each player.  (measures the accuracy of each club in a golfer's bag)

Here's what was shocking:

The #1 ball-striker on tour finished 10th on the money list over a 3 year period. 

The #2 ball-striker on tour finished 200th on the money list over a 3 year period


Now, with the emergence of Cameron Champ the talk has returned to driving the ball far, which usually decreases accuracy, or fairways hit off the tee.

But Pelz's PEI statistical analysis, and there have been others, shows us that while distance does help, the SHORT GAME/ mid irons and wedges, will always be where ALL of us, from novice, recreational golfer to tour pro, improve our score.

So, we have created the SEASON PASS, and specifically designed it to revolutionize how the regular golfer to competitor approaches their golf game. Each lesson is already pre-determined and measurable to chart improvement. While we hope that each person who purchases a SEASON PASS will utilize it for themselves and get the full benefit, we have also added the benefit that it can be transferred or used by, up to 4 students, or with the Playing Lesson Season Pass 3 students. For the Lessons SEASON PASS the ratio for lessons will always be 2/7/1. Logically, if 60% to 80% of the average golf game is spent with mid irons/wedges, this is where focus for practical improvement must be.

We have about 10 weeks to Spring, golf courses opening in the GTA, so now is the time to start. You do not want to be caught, AGAIN, in season playing swing mechanics, rather than playing and enjoying golf!


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